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Dyno Tuning

We do all our Tuning in House or out on the Road.

Here at Possum Bourne Motorsport we have an in house 4wd Rolling Road Dyno which is currently down for repairs and a fully equipped Super Flow Engine Dyno to suit your tuning requirements. Any ECU or vehicle that you have we can tune it and get the best possible reliable performance out of your engine. Please get in contact with us to get the best out of your engine today! We can also Dyno your gear box on our Gearbox Dyno or anyone wanting to make sure that there gearbox is working correctly on the bench.

Contact us to book in for Dyno Tuning today.

Engine Rebuild's

We do all our own engine rebuilds in house and use only the best equipment and parts to make your engine to the top most specification.

We have been building engines for 30 years here under the PBMS Banner and have been developing especially Subaru motors since 1992. We can rebuild any motor that you need and do any engine work as required wether it be for your everyday driver or full on race machine.


 Suspension Rebuild's  


We do all our own suspension work and have an in house shock and spring dyno where we can change or rebuild your suspension to the highest standard.

We have been building rally suspension here at PBMS for over 30 years specialising in all the major brands of Reiger, Drummond, Ohlins and MCA. We can get all parts that you may need and have our own settings and springs to suit any type of motorsport which we have done extensive testing with and can help make your car what it needs to be.  We have setup all types of Tarmac and Gravel rally cars with extensive knowledge. We also do ATV and Moto x suspension which we have branched out to in the last few years.


Specialized Gearbox & Differential Builds

We do all our builds in house in our purpose built Gearbox & Differential Department.

The team here at Possum Bourne Motorsport have years of knowledge and experience in Gearbox & Differential building for the Motorsport Industry, we can build new or even rebuild gearboxes to suit your needs from factory spec to customized race spec as well as differentials to suit. We can also have a Gearbox Dyno to make sure everything is running smooth.

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 Roll Cages

We build fully customised Roll Cages.


There is a need for safety in race cars and we fill that need with quality built PBMS race cages. Here at Possum Bourne Motorsport we have built Roll Cages to suit Street Cars to full Race Cars. We can build half cages full cages or even full FIA Cages options are endless.

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Vehicle Servicing

At Possum Bourne Motorsport not only do we build, service and maintain race vehicles but we can service and repair everyday vehicles regardless of the type, age or driving use.

We offer a range of services including: 

# Automatic transmission servicing

# Brake and clutch replacements

# Computerised diagnostics

# Competitive pricing

# Dyno tuning

# Engine rebuilds/ replacements

# Pick up drop off service

# Suspension checks and repairs

# Service to all makes and models of vehicles

# Tyre inspection and replacement

# Wheel alignments

# Warrant of Fitness (WOF) inspections

With state of the art equipment and qualified mechanics no job is too big or too small for our team to handle.

Click here to contact us a booking in for a service.