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PBMS Rally Team

Calling all rally competitors, in New Zealand and abroad. There is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of an exclusive rally team.

Possum Bourne Motorsport is currently assembling a 4 car rally team to compete in the New Zealand rally championship in 2016. We are currently talking to competitors of all vehicle brands to gauge interest. The benefit of being a part of this team is to be able to work closely with the motorsport technicians at PBMS to enable the team members to have access to leading information built up over 3 decades of rally competition at the front of the field. PBMS believe that winning starts in the workshop and they have adopted the maintenance and service methods of factory teams like Prodrive etc. Each team members car will be stored at PBMS at no charge and will undergo a pre-season check of over 150+ items and 120+ items in between rallies including a power dyno run on their new dyno.

PBMS see it as their job to put their drivers into the most reliable cars so that the skill of the driver can shine through in the events. So often cars do not finish events because mistakes were made in the workshop by willing but inexperienced crew. Further benefits of being a part of the team is the use of Pirelli tires at a special price that are reported to be around 1s per kilometre faster than other tyres, they also have a better wear characteristic than others. Co-sponsors are being organised to further lower the costs to each individual team.

The PBMS objective is to have the team members finish the year in the first 4 places.

Please call David Thexton on +64 275 093 385 (0275 093 385 when calling within NZ) for further information.



McRae and Possum Bourne Motorsport take victory in Vantage Motorsport Car

Perth-based rally driver Alister McRae, 44, won the Race to the Sky hill climb in the Cardrona Valley on Sunday in 8:17:06, thrilling the late Possum Bourne's team.

The Pukekohe-based outfit had to drop a spare engine into the late Kiwi rally legend's Subaru WRC98 after flywheel bolt failure in morning practice.

The delighted Scotsman said at the prizegiving he had been "very very disappointed" after the morning's mishap - he would not repeat the words he actually used - but then reminded himself he had a spare engine.

Sharing the podium at the Race to the Sky prizegiving are the fastest hill climbers, from left, Brett Hayward (second), winner Alister McRae (both in the international open class) and quad class rider Ian Ffitch (third).

He credited the technicians for their work and said to win in such high pressure circumstances was the "icing on the cake" to a great weekend.

Earlier, as the technicians worked on the car, he had remained calm, telling himself: "It's the final run that counts". And so it proved.

"Things went perfectly from bottom to top. On the first couple of hairpins, dust was coming in over the car and I thought "tidy up, you plonker" and then I put my head down," he said. McRae had posted the second-fastest qualifying time on Saturday of 8:26:07, after Australia's Brett Hayward in a RTTS Special (8:23:06).

Hayward was second fastest in this afternoon's final, completing his 14km run in 8:24:57, while Quad Super rider Ian Ffitch of Amberley was third in 8:35:275.

While disappointed to be pipped in the final, Hayward said he could not imagine a better team winning and was delighted to have his "name up" with McRae and Ffitch.

Ffitch also blew his engine up in the morning and had to reply on a replacement. He was grinning from ear to ear on the podium and promised to return.

Ffitch was presented with the Possum Bourne memorial trophy for the first New Zealander by the late rally star's 16-year-old son Spenser.

Spenser had a turn at driving up the road and told the crowd he thought he went too slow.

"I want to compete next year. But I know Mum probably won't let me. She'd be too scared," the grinning teenager said.

Organiser Tony Quinn of Cromwell's Highland Motorsport Park ws delighted with the over 7000-strong crowd and said he would begin preparing for a repeat next year, although a date has not been set yet.

Quinn said "everyone" had been telling him they wanted to come back. When he asked the crowd if they would come back, he was greeted with a loud cheer of "yes".

"I haven't spoken to the bank manager yet but I will tell him we will do it again," he said.

Course record holder and eight time champion Monster Tajima of Japan could not race after crashing his car in qualifying runs this morning. He walked away uninjured and spent some time signing autographs before leaving the event before the final runs began.

The course record of 8:01 was set in 2006.

The event previously ran for 10 years until 2007 and was revived this year.

Kiwi rally legend Possum Bourne died from injuries received in a post-event car accident on the Snow Farm Road in 2003.

Alister McRae has been handed the keys to the ex-Possum Bourne Subaru for the Race to the Sky event


McRae to Drive Possum Bourne Subaru in NZ

Alister McRae has been handed the keys to the ex-Possum Bourne Subaru for the Race to the Sky event

Australian-based Scotsman Alister McRae will drive Possum Bourne’s former World Rally Championship Subaru in next month’s revival of the Race to the Sky in the Cardrona Valley.

McRae will be behind the wheel of the two-door WRX STi in the gravel hillclimb from April 18-19 after the event was last staged in 2007.

Vantage Motorsport’s Craig Vincent, a former co-driver for the late Bourne, has signed McRae after ex WRC star Kenneth Eriksson was forced to turn down the offer.A former British Rally Champion and works WRC driver, McRae took to two wheels, winning the production motorcycle class at the Australian Safari in 2013.

“To drive a 750bhp world rally car on a road like Repco Race to the Sky is going to be great,” says McRae.

“It’s an event I’ve always wanted the chance to do.”

Bourne, New Zealand’s greatest rally driver, was killed while preparing for the Race to the Sky in 2003 when his car was struck head-on by a Jeep Cherokee that strayed onto the wrong side of the road coming downhill.

“I knew Possum; it’s a long time ago and it was a tragic accident but to have the opportunity to drive his car in an event I know he was very passionate about and very good at, it will be good to do that.

“I’m positive that New Zealanders will be happy to see the car back out there.”

Vincent said: “Alister is a great driver and as a team-mate of Kenneth’s and a friend of Possum’s, we see him as a great fit.

“He is also very conversant with this era of car. Provided we can deliver a good car to Alister we believe that he can finish on the podium.”

Built in 1998 by Prodrive and contested by Finn Juha Kangas, the car was purchased by Bourne as a shell when Kangas crashed it during Rally New Zealand.Possum Bourne Motor Sport (PBMS) rebuilt the car for the 2001 edition of Race to the Sky, and with around 600 hp at his disposal, Bourne promptly won the event.

Bourne contested the event in the car again in 2002 but didn’t finish due to a puncture.

“We (Vantage Motorsport) purchased the car from PBMS after Possum’s death and have continued to race it in memory of our great mate,” Vincent explained.

“It’s always been prepared by Paul Hayton at Possum Bourne Motorsport, and for this event it’s no different with Paul aiming for the car to deliver around 750 hp.

“Possum would be very proud of the effort and passion his team still put into this car which is now 17 years old and very special to all of us.”


Subaru unveils Performance STi Concept

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, has unveiled the “STi Performance Concept” at the 2015 New York International Auto Show.

The STi Performance Concept stems from planned expansion in it's three core areas of business; aftermarket parts, complete cars and motorsports.
The concept is based on the current BRZ model, featuring STi technologies and components including STi suspension and brake enhancements as well as other exterior and interior upgrades, the concept car showcases STI's key business areas of aftermarket performance parts and complete cars. To signify STi's commitment to motorsports, it employs the STi-tuned EJ20 horizontally-opposed 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo racing engine currently used for the Subaru GT race in Japan.

Whilst it is unclear whether this concept will make it to market, the planned expansion of Subaru and performance arm STi suggest performance and motorsport enthusiasts can expect big things in the future. Possum Bourne Motorsport will continue partnership with STi and will be at the forefront of Subaru Motorsport in this exciting time for both companies.




With the WRX series product concept “Pure Power in Your control” at the highest level and the WRX STi being the flagship model of the Subaru range. The WRX STi has been refined to give the ultimate in Subaru all-wheel drive performance, an unrivalled WRX STi character from successive generations has been honed into yet another performance four door sedan and is a clear reason why we here at Possum Bourne Motorsport build so many race versions of these beast.

The New WRX STi equipment package continues to come with the multimode DCCD system, carried over from the previous model. The new six speed manual transmission has been given better tactile feedback with gears that lock in for a sportier feel. Specially developed suspension has enhanced chassis rigidity to improve rear grip, flat ride and steering response and with the awesome new STi making an impressive 227kw at 6,400 rpm 422 NM of torque at 4,400 RPM is great starting block for us to work with.

Whether it be Rally, Targa or Circuit we have the knowledge and expertise to build your very own 2015 Subaru WRX STi weapon so you can “Lead where others follow”



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